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A diptych referencing the border pillar and encounters with a farmer at a border town in Bangladesh 

News Spotlight
On a Trans-Bangladeshi Road Trip with the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project
emeka okereke
Feb 5, 2020
For the past 10 days, I have been on an artistic Road Trip project involving photographers, writers, filmmakers from Nigeria, Congo/Belgium, and Bangladesh. We are travelling across Bangladesh while making stops/ creating works (photography, writings, and film) at towns where the country borders India. A little more detail below: 

In the context of, and as a proposal for our participation in the Dhaka Art Summit 2020 Invisible Borders Trans-African Project, for the first time, will partner with another platform –  the Bangladeshi Multimedia Organisation, DRIK Network founded by Shahidul Alam – to embark on a Road Trip project across Bangladesh. The focus will be first and foremost on the collaboration between a Trans-African and Bangladeshi platform as a way of exploring and transcending cross-cultural, geopolitical borders.

As a frame, we shall travel by road (in the tradition of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Road Trip projects) across Bangladesh whilst making stops/creating works at locations where Bangladesh borders India. The outcome of our encounters, conversations, collective experiences will constitute the form and content of our presentation at the Art Summit.

There are 8 participants in total – four from Invisible Borders and Drik respectively. They are as follows: Invisible Borders – Kay Ugwuede, Delphine Wil, Innocent Ekejiuba, Emeka Okereke. Drik Network: Habiba Nowrose, Tapash Paul, Syed Asif Mahmud, Sadia Marium.

Duration: 20 Jan - 11 Feb, 2020.

We are sharing glimpses of our thoughts and experiences via the official blog of the project below: 

BORDERS WITHIN: Bangladesh – Mapping diversity across regions and ethnic formations

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