A Volatile Negotiation Between the Past and Present:...

A Volatile Negotiation Between the Past and Present: Invisible Borders Trans-African Project

This article will expand on the complementary association between process and outcome in the generation of thoughts and knowledge within the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project; a performative intervention which invites African artists to employ their body, and presence, as objects of useful agitation in the negotiation, and by extension, remapping of artificially imposed cartographies. For the past ten years, the artists have, through remarkable encounters and experiences, witnessed “the ground shifting under our feet”—a process taking place all over the continent on various scales and contexts.

Publishers: Field Journal of Socially Engaged Art Criticism. Spring 2021 Issue
 At Dak'Art 2022, Art Pulsates Through the City The...

At Dak'Art 2022, Art Pulsates Through the City

The Dakar Biennale is arguably the most famous art event on the African continent. Conceived in 1989, it is also Africa's longest-running biennial.

Although the 14th edition was initially slated for 2020, it was postponed to May 2022 due to the pandemic (19 May–21 June 2022). Coming off the heels of the 59th Venice Biennale, it signalled for many African artists the revival of trans-African travels and re-encounters. Even more so for Africans in the diaspora, who were cut off from the continent by lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Publishers: Ocula Art, June 2022.

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