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Open Call: iVisible, A Witness Story
emeka okereke
Feb 22, 2021
The iVisible Project was born out of the flagship Road Trip Project of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Project. It is an extension of a project that continues to foster storytelling about Africa in all its complexities.

Consider the  iVisible Project an open arm gesture, or an open sturdy bus like the ones that form a vital component of each road trip. We welcome you to be the eyes and hands of your community by sharing with us stories of the everyday realities of living in or encountering Africa. 

Last year, we published interesting submissions from a number of countries across the continent and beyond and we are looking forward to welcoming even more diverse voices this year.

The iVisible Project calls for submissions from Africans and non-Africans about the everyday realities of living in Africa. 

Stories matter, multiple stories matter. We are seeking to curate a hub of stories that reflect the wholesomeness and complexities of the continent and her people.

We invite submissions of an image accompanied by a 500-word short story. Images can be captured via any device/equipment but must meet required quality guidelines. 

Visit to learn more about our submission guidelines and to enter your story and don’t forget to share with a photography enthusiast in your community. There are annual prizes to be awarded. Submissions close on February 27, 2021.

...a witness’ story

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